Elder Parents & Working Children

Elder care at home

Elder Parents & Working Children

With the number of elderly people increasing, more families are finding themselves in a position where one or both of their parents need to be taken care of full-time. This can be difficult for children who are still working or have families of their own. 

But not to worry, in today’s life nothing is impossible or not doable

You can help your parents without skipping your work or vacations with the help of professional caretakers or nursing care at home which can provide a range of services depending on your needs. 

Home nursing care is a type of service that provides skilled nursing services to people in their homes. The nurses who provide this service are often registered nurses or licensed practical nurses who have special training in home health care.

They can provide a range of services, including

The role of a home caregiver for elderly people is to assist with the activities of daily living to help the person remain at home as long as possible.

This may include help with 

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • and taking medication.

Home caregivers can also provide transportation to appointments and social activities. They should also be prepared to deal with difficult behaviors that may be exhibited by some seniors.

Having someone come into the home to help takes some of the burdens off of the children, and allows them to continue living their lives without having to move their parents into a nursing home.

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