What are At-Home healthcare services & why do you need them?


What are At-Home healthcare services & why do you need them?

What are At-home healthcare services?

Home care is medical or supportive care delivered by a trained caregiver in the patient’s own home or residence. It is an all-encompassing word that refers to medical services delivered in the convenience and comfort of your home by both skilled (physical therapy, nursing care, doctor visits) and non-skilled medical (companion and personal care activities) personnel.


Why is At-home Healthcare Important?

Long-term confinement in a hospital setting can be detrimental to someone’s mental health. Hospitals are typically linked with “something wrong,” and because of their surroundings, patients may feel burdened and anxious there. Constantly interacting with medical personnel, nurses, and patients can also be detrimental. The patient can receive expert medical care in their comfortable, familiar settings with the support of at-home nursing care. Being at home in a cosy, caring setting relieves stress and allows the mind to unwind. It is known that a positive outlook and comfortable surroundings aid in a patient’s faster and healthier recovery.


Prioritize Your Healing with Alliance Homecare

It might be difficult for your loved ones to make sure that you are adequately cared for following surgery. Being a caregiver and managing daily responsibilities at the same time might be too much, especially for those without prior experience or education in patient care. Fortunately, PHT Health Services offers thorough at-home nursing care to lessen the strain of recuperation for both the postoperative patient and their loved ones.

Our nursing staff has a wealth of knowledge working with individuals who are recovering. PHT Health Services is a leader in post-surgical care as well as hospice care, respite care, chronic disease care, and in-home hospital care.

Count on PHT Health Services to compassionately assist you or a loved one as you recuperate from surgery.